Project Management:

The project WISDOM kicks off with a meeting, followed by Infodays in each partnering country. It includes four joint staff trainings and four workshop-style trainings for young women in each country, focusing on vital topics like soft skills, communication, and business simulation. The final phase involves efficient dissemination to ensure broad outreach and impactful results. This structured approach aims to empower young women by enhancing their employability and fostering collaboration among partner organizations.


Training 1: Navigating the Soft Skills Landscape: Essential Knowledge for Young Women:

In the first training session, youth workers and trainers from partner organizations will delve into the fundamentals of soft skills. Covering aspects such as interpersonal skills, communication, and task management, the program emphasizes the role of soft skills in current and future employment. Participants will explore the importance of soft skills literacy, understand what employers seek, and recognize the crucial link between soft skills and efficient working. This foundational training sets the stage for developing these essential skills over the course of the program.


Training 2: Communicating with Confidence: Advanced Strategies for Career Success:

In the second training session, youth workers and trainers will engage with Skills Communications experts to further enhance their understanding of essential soft skills. Focusing on challenging discussions, participants will delve into strategies for approaching difficult conversations and practice scenarios to refine their communication styles. This training equips them with valuable insights into leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, enabling them to implement effective workshop-style programs for young women. Through expert guidance, participants will develop a holistic skill set that contributes to both personal and professional growth.


Training 3: From Theory to Practice: Business Simulation Training for Young Women in the Labor Market:

In the third training activity, youth workers and trainers will immerse themselves in a Virtual Business Simulation game. This experiential learning opportunity involves managing a mock start-up company, with participants taking on roles in the board of directors and making strategic decisions across various business functions. The simulation covers financial management, market analysis, and business performance evaluation through case-based scenarios. The goal is to equip participants with multidisciplinary decision-making skills, preparing them for the challenges of a dynamic workplace. This hands-on approach fosters a clear connection between theoretical and practical aspects of business management, empowering participants to implement similar programs for young women and contribute effectively to business management or entrepreneurship.


Training 4:The Confidence Factor: Strengthening Skills for Young Women in the Labor Market:

In the fourth training activity, participants, including youth workers and trainers, will focus on content creation for social media and personal branding. The training aims to empower women with the skills to express themselves effectively on platforms, considering their cause and target audience. By providing insights into leveraging social media channels and tailoring content to audience preferences, participants will gain the tools to enhance their online presence and communication skills. This knowledge will be instrumental in implementing workshop-style programs for young women, fostering self-confidence, and improving their professional image in the digital landscape.


4 brief workshop-style training events for young women in each partnering country:

In this activity, the culmination of the project’s training efforts will involve the implementation of four brief workshop-style training sessions for young women in each partner country. These workshops, mirroring the joint staff training methodology, cover essential topics such as soft skills, advanced communication strategies, business simulation training, and confidence-building. Over a span of three days each, the staff, equipped with the knowledge gained from the joint staff trainings, will impart valuable insights to young women. This comprehensive approach, occurring every other week and spanning five months, ensures a sustained and impactful transfer of skills to empower young women in their personal and professional development.


Impact & Dissemination:

The comprehensive Dissemination Plan will be develope by ASEL RO and will be adopted by each partner organization ensures a widespread impact at various levels. Through local and organizational dissemination activities, including presentations, discussions, and media engagement, the project’s knowledge and outcomes will reach trainees, project teams, youth centers, local officials, NGOs, legislators, and media outlets. The WISDOM Raising Awareness Campaign, spanning traditional and online platforms, will further amplify the project’s visibility nationally and internationally. This strategic dissemination approach not only serves to inform and engage target audiences but also enhances the organizational skills of partner institutions, fostering a lasting impact on youth education and social inclusion initiatives.


Transnational Meeting | Final Meeting:

The upcoming final meeting in February 2025, hosted by the Greek partner, marks the crucial second transnational gathering of all partners. Over the course of two days, two representatives from each country will engage in a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s outcomes, focusing on the success of joint staff and workshop-style training sessions, website and social media progress, the effectiveness of the WISDOM Raising Awareness Campaign, and discussions on sustainability and exploitation plans. The meeting serves as a pivotal platform for in-depth analysis, constructive feedback, and strategic planning for the project’s long-term impact and future initiatives.

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